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December 24, 2008

its all about blogger junction

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December 12, 2008

RBI to increase liquidity for housing sectors

Financial crises had no exception to real estate. Global meltdown melted the housing sector also. Apex bank of India has decided to uplift this sector which is adversely affected. Reserve bank of India has announced that it has planned to give more liquidity to Housing Finance Companies (HFC) which took a big blow.

RBI has planned to provide a refinance facility up to 4000 crores with which these HFC can come out of its recession which was caused due to global meltdown. This amount will be available for a period of 90 days by the time the banks can draw and repay says the central bank.

This refinance facility will be available up to 31st march 2010. Utilization of the facility will be governed by the policy approved by NHB (national housing bank). This decision was taken on Thursday on a board meeting held on kolkata. This meeting also discussed the various steps taken since mid September 2008 to preserve financial stability.

The meeting also reviewed the various causes of global meltdown. It also had a look over the steps taken by various economies to stop this melt down. RBI has also planned to fund the Indian export companies through EXIM bank.

Amazing information is that inflation has come down to 8% from its old position of 11.25% in last 8 months. This growth shows some signs of improvement in Indian economy.

RBI has taken several steps to control inflation unfortunately nothing was successful as it was expected to be. At least this step must give some improvement so that economy comes under control and we stop thinking about lay off.

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December 06, 2008

Donation - A Great Person's Act

Hello there,
Its a nice thing to Donate somebody for their Career, which makes them improve because of your part of Donation. If u do so, your are doing a Great Job. Great People only can do. Are you one of them? If so i am very gratuitous for that. Many People Have Money but they don't wish to donate. But people who has skill to do doesn't have money to come out as flying colors. Only few people has Both money and the broad mind of contributing others. If you are one of them, think of yourselves about your status in Life.

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After reviewing everything hit on Donate now.
Then your are done. You can see a message you have successfully Donated.

Follow these steps if you don't know abt paypal and don't have a/c. in paypal:
Paypal, a neutral website for the people who pays money and who gets paid. It allows any of the people to pay in their own specified way such as, by using credit cards, Debit cards, Visa card, Master cards, Bank accounts, etc. Its one of the Easiest and convenient way to pay or be paid. It is one of the secure way of paying others and get paid. So you can create a free account which this paypal offers everybody.

If you want to donate through paypal you should compulsorily have a paypal a/c.
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If you like this post pl do follow my website and get updated. Do ask me if u have any doubts on this.

November 30, 2008

source for unsecured loans online

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November 28, 2008

Terror terrors market.

Market may be affected

DALAL STREET, has a chance to go weak. Due to the terror attack in sub continent there is a chance for the stock market to get weak as the stock exchange is also set up in MUMBAI where attack had happened. This attack has a greater chance to shock the countries financial position, are the words given by experts.

The market may open in weak note but its not going to get closed on the same weak note. Even at the time of train bomb which killed more than 150 the marked didn't fall it was just a short of expected and it did not fall completely.

we must also note that the economic environment in 2006 is different from now. As this attack was aimed at foreign people, the market may have a sharp reaction. Both the place of trade was kept closed on Thursday as a notice said due to terror attack its better for people to say home.

psychological impact will surely be there on investors and the market may open on a weak note but its not going to remain the same. There are chances for the market to open in a dull way but there is no chance for the market to fall, there should be a positive impact on the market at least from Monday.

There is a chance for foreign investor to stop investment as of now, but surely this is not going to prevail more than a week we suppose. The impact of this attack will surely be seen clear by next week

Considering all the above conditions, i feel that there are very less chance for the stock market to get down, but there are chances for market to open in dull way. Which ever way it may be surely problems are on we must find the ways to solve them.

November 26, 2008

RBI relaxes...


Reserve Bank of India the controller of the banks in India is now thinking to relax its restriction on the other commercial banks. This seems to be a good and healthy sign of the development of banking sector in India and hope to get more foreign exchange investments in banking sector.

Banks in India(including foreign banks)need not wait for Apex bank of the nation to approve its new branch opening nor wait for its license to open a new ATM.This is the on going discussion in the minds of central bank of India.

A larger part of the finance department is with the view that both Indian banks and foreign banks must be treated equally. so that its easy the for sub continent to meet its unmet ends in the field of banking.

We should give equal rights to foreign banks and instead of waiting for other nations to do the that we easy attract more investors so that purpose of banking to attract investments and to lend loans happens very easily.

Same time, I hope RBI will vest its power to control the commercial banks so that it can easily control the banks if RBI finds commercial banks to be out of their way. Most attractive feature of this is it can easily liquidate money so that it will help RBI to handle the financial crunch.

RBI circle says that liberalization of banks is has been suggested by various panels including the very resent RAGHURAM RANJAN panel. RBI also speaks that, this is not a way to address the present financial crunch.

Another information form the side RBI is that, this is a way to have healthy growth and good competition. RBI can have the right to impose restriction for some reasons and this must be an exception and not a norm.

This relaxations may find an improvement in banking sector. Like those banks which have a lot of branches in south can concentrate its improvement the other part of the nation.

A notable point is that this relaxations may not have much impact now because most of the banks now are facing a major financial problem. This will have a great use after the time of recession, it will also prevent banks form falling into deep recession, as we saw that those banks which have a lot of branches didn't fall in the trouble of recession as compared to those branches which had less number of branches.

This is one way to have a good banking facility in rural areas. This relaxation has paved many ways of development and seems to have a good sign in banking sector. Might be its one good step taking by the central bank improve banking and also to have investments and to make the basic purpose banking easy. I feel this step will take banking facility as well as banking sector to have a good growth.

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November 25, 2008

Lending Rates Forced to Cut For Private Sector Banks

Reducing Lending Rates - Private Sector the Sufferer

Due to high competition in the Public Sector, the Lending rates of the private sectors will be reduced sooner. The Public Sector banks have reduced their Lending Rates by 75 Basis points. This has been altered by giving personal loans, Home loans etc. by the public sector Banks to the needy.

This has become an important measure for the Reserve Bank Who, should get recollected when they do a move in this Regard. Alike the Public Sector Banks the Private Sector Banks should also be shown some interest in reducing their Lending rates.

Mr. P. Chidambaram, Finance Minister has given an added opinion about this Situation as not to blame the Private sector banks. The Private sector Banks has its own reasons for this level of cutting the lending rates, but he did not comment on those regard.

The Fast improvement in the Public sector Banks by slashing the Lending rates to 75 basic points made the Private sector Banks to blame. The Changes made in this Public Sector Banks will have an adverse effect over the Private sector Banks, by bringing down the lending rates. He also assures that this revolution in the Public Sector Banks will happen sooner or later.

Being the Fastest Growing Economy, When we take a look at the top 20 Banks in India, all the top 20 Banks are only the Private Sector Banks and not the Public Sector Banks. By just reducing the lending rates does not fetch up a good output for the Banks. But by making the Private Sector Banks to reduce the lending Rates may result in the good output as they were already at the top 20 among the people's Minds in India.

Though the Recession made a drastic change in the U.S Economy, It does not made any change in our Country. Our Finance Minister Said "Our Banks are 100% Safe".

It is not just a saying by the Lips, he mean What he says. The flow of foreign capital into India has slowed down will eventually reverse and rupee will find its true level as India remains the most attractive investment destination among the world.

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November 24, 2008

A Global Economic MELTDOWN

A global economic meltdown-IT's biggest problem

A global economic meltdown has taken its way in the sectors of Information Technology and Banking. With the Pink slip being given to all the employees the IT is in great trouble. With the great fall in IT all the it has a cascading effect in all sectors.

With this rumors of Pink slip should an employee get out and find a new job are wait till he gets a layoff? This is the biggest doubt in the minds of employees in IT sector. Every one is now listening to the stories of layoff and forced resignation

One IT company has sacked 1000 of its employees during its annual appraisal.some one say more than 400 jobs have been lost in the past two months.A fine morning if am employee enters his office he is not sure completing his working hours.Two options which the company gives now a days is get out are we will send you out.

Even some of the employees are going early to the office to show as if they are working hard for the company so that he can prevent his job.Its more wise to marry some one in another profession than marrying a techie.Money which earned may be there but the jobs they feel.Every small time they get, they talk about lay off are forced resignation.

Its no more a cakewalk for the students of IT.The lucky once who get into the best institutions in the country dose not seam to have a big problems, but those who are in second are third rated institutions are now a days in a hectic trouble. "The companies are still coming for campus interviews", is just to maintain their brand image and nothing else. The number of candidates being selected has gone down.

Banking sector which were giving fun trips has stopped their credits.Even the companies have stopped their foreign trips are holding them back." Those who were spending Rs.200,000 for holiday is now spending not even Rs.50,000" says shrimathy of the World Travel Club.

Most of the IT employees are a part of equal monthly installments. The problem here is weather they will be in a position to pay their monthly installments if they wont what will be their condition??? Those who were spending a lot,have cut down their expense to a greater level.

Since the global economic meltdown has started, both IT and banking is suffering a lot. With this level of recession in economy,will take much time to recover as it already existed.The worse part of it, is for the students who had taken the course of computer science in second and third rated institutions and universities.Being knowledgeable person does not fetch any job,because of
the cascading effect of "GLOBAL ECONOMIC MELTDOWN..."

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November 23, 2008

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Different cause for World's Problem!!!

We all know, now the world is meeting its old friend"Recession", there are lots of reasons given behind it by many experts. Some of its reason which we felt caused recession has been listed out as simple as it can be done.

Current recession has been caused by high oil prices inferred from a recent report by CIBC chief economist JEFF RUBIN

Recession took its victory under the lead of oil price. The rapid fluctuation in the oil market made the countries to have a sit back in its economic position. Well before the other nations entered the recession Japan and Euro zone rushed for it.

Oil price changes had a close effect in stock market too. The invest made by the investor had an adverse effect over it,which reduced the values of investments by 40%. The world's strongest economy, U.S withstood this to some extent in the beginning but not fully,the other nations which were depending could not bear the stock fall which made them feel the heat of recession.

The fundamental cause for this recession is the regulatory norms followed by U.S.for the past two decades U.S had a low inflation rate. Which resulted it to ignore the completely basic economic cycle. This was first visible to united states 20 months ago,when they were trying to control the excess liquidity in the market. Then came the fall in their real estate. Amazing fact is that the real estate fell as much as, an house can be purchased in California for Rs.98000 which had a same effect all over the world.

The next main cause for this economic problem is,the world so called strongest bank failed maintain its position and was judged insolvent,it was none other than "LEHMAN BROTHERS". Its unsound idea to purchase a asset worthing more than its reserve caused its great fall in the industry of banking.

What so ever the reason may be for the world's fall the one who suffers are the developing nations only. Lots and lots of people are being driven away from jobs and result is fall in the economic level of the nations. The only person who get good job even during this time of recession are charted accountants by the name of cost reduction every company is sending their employees out and have also freezed their recruitment. With the worst economy policy of the U.S. every nation depending on it is now facing a lot problems which they are not able to manage.

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Review of James nicholls
About Royston James Associates:
Royston James Associates is based on London and they are a recruitment specialist which currently engaged with six consultants, each of which takes care regarding the digital marketing and highly furnished end users. The main objective of Royston James Associates is to provide client services, creating and well design in business development.
Royston James Associates aims to take their contacts to high level within this organization.
There motto is to pervade their business aid across Eastern Europe, Asia, and Middle East.
James Nicholl's will be a source of knowledge for those who want to know about the traveling and its beneficial elements. In this site he also added his own experience and knowledge regarding business, marketing and strategies too which will be so useful for the one who refer this website.
His dealing with other consultancies shows how kindhearted he is and also this site portrays how to press the flesh for a good reason when you have various business dealings. They select and refer people who are only expert in IT profession. The referred people are servicing and they do shine across all over the world.
The website is a source of knowledge for business dealing architect i.e. he who wants to be mastery in handling business and market dealing can have a look at this site to make a reference of James richollous experience. The highest standard professionals in UK and also in international markets were referred and delivered by Royston James which have nearly 25 years of experience...

Article about James Nicholls and his website

James Nicholl's website which is so marvel and reveals the information regarding the background, previous employment, current role of James Nicholls.
James Nicholl's has yielded his passion towards new colors of life. James Nicholls in this site says about his fruition regarding his travel to various countries. James Nicholls was born in London and brought up in south coast.

James Nicholl's is a real go-getter person with more sense of humor.
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Current Role of James Nicholls:

James Nicholl's the founder and director of Royston James associates and their staffs are well experience and they all are real go-getter and that helped them to leverage marketing across the global level.
In digital world they have been the forefront for the past ten years. His ultimate motive is to bring the Royston James to a larger scale which consists of a thirty member’s team.
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James Nicholls in his website has mentioned that his major activity of his life is to travel across the world and learn many cultural factors. And he achieved that to some extent. However his travel helped him to gain knowledge about various cultures he liked South American culture he also followed the same. His perspective of travel is to gain knowledge regarding historical and cultural strategies. Royston James Associates do feedback analysis of their client and also listen to the request of the consultants. James Nicholls in his Royston James Associates always respond and clear the queries of their client then and there. They never refer any exceptional candidate and they update their data base every now and then for the reference of their clients and consultants. Their services to other consultancies are really apparent and are for the sake of others. They and their openness towards the clients and consultants eligibility and merit made them to attain such a high position. They do have a healthy solution for a non proper recruitment of IT professionals and they can implement that solution for the overall beneficial.

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“Interests” branch from the website
James Nicholl's portrays the interest of James Nicholls. He believed in honest and openness and treated his clients and consultants of Royston James Associates ltd with utmost confidentialness. In 2006 he created a backing and support team with directors and investors, this team will provide the clients and consultants a less-aggravate and risk less job and returns. Creativity, efficiency, and honesty are the verses of James Nicholls’s Royston James Associates ltd.
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Previous Employment of James Nicholls
James Nicholl's worked as an IT employee in 1992 and also perspired for Microsoft Technologies along with a team of twelve members. Reed Technologies had taken a major portion of James Nicholls’s hard work and his hard work helped the company to play a major role in traveling right way across UK.
James Nicholls had a finger in the pie when he was in IT Technologies.
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Here is the site on the founder and developer of the two years old RJA Ltd.
James Nicholl's. It’s really welcoming and a new one too to have a separate site on a business person. To say about the appearance of the web page, its really simple, warm and so effective. The information it holds on the RJA director is very impressive. When you go through the aspects of Mr. James Nicholls you sure will get a high respect on him. Also his way of treating people will sure impress you a lot. Being a relaxed individual he is truly an inspiring person for the people who really wants to give the world the best in them.
This site also says about the future ideas which Mr. James Nicholls has in his mind to develop his RJA Ltd. It also conveys information regarding his present role in the company and the way his company serving hundreds of clients. There are also links which gives us idea about his previous works which are a very strong base to start his career with RJA Ltd. Qualifications links will teach you about the education levels of Mr. James Nicholls. It also holds the various appraisal and ratings he got till now.
It’s really a hard for most of the business to spend the time on sports and other sides. But this site displays the various sport liked by Mr. James Nicholls. This site also issues information regarding his passion for research in psychology. And of course alcohol is part of his interest in no exception from the business men. On a whole this site is worth viewing for its better and perspective view on the life of Mr. James Nicholls till date.

Site personal Review
Royston James Associates (RJA Ltd.) homed in London and Reigate is the top recruitment specialist, which acts as a bridge between the top hundred agencies and the candidates.
James Nicholl's is the proper founder and developer of this well esteemed organization. This site encompasses the quality, role and growth of the Mr. James Nicholls, founder of RJA Ltd. The paramount goal of this site is to make visitors both the casual and business to have a clean understanding of Mr. James Nicholls. The links given in this webpage are so easy to understand making us to easily understand about him and even the casual users will feel more comfortable and dragging.
A separate link has been dedicated to the mission of Mr. James Nicholls on developing the RJA Ltd. His vision of making the company a wide reach within a short span of four years is really awesome. His keen interests on sports like in various fields like rugby, tennis and everything have been presented in a very profound manner. The current role will give a clear idea to the viewers about his perceptive way of working.
A whole link is allotted for his background information, which cleanly gives viewers where Mr. James Nicholls has got the base to run the RJA Ltd very successfully. The information on his interests and qualification will leave you inspiring towards his career.
At last you will be getting a culmination of how linear the path of Mr. James Nicholls business life has been and his clean determination of goals on the development of Royston James Associates (RJA Ltd.). Log on to this for the information given.

Royston Association
A warm welcome to the site of the founder and developer of Royston James Associates famously addressed as RJA Ltd. James Nicholl's, a BA Honors degree holder from the famous Kingston University is the establisher of the RJA Ltd. This site gives us a clear idea about the known aspects of Mr. James Nicholls in detail. This site gives us a perspicacious idea of the founder regarding the development of the company. The well established format and neat presentation will perpetuate you to view everything regarding this business king. This site also cleanly explains how one should get rid of all the hurdles in life and emerges as an achiever.
One would go awesome in sighting the various posts he had hold in his previous years. This site is very helpful for the upcoming entrepreneurs to have an idea towards their goal. There is also a separate link which gives us an insight about his company Royston James Associates Ltd. A very legible link provided on the top, side and bottom of the webpage ease you in running an eye over the whole content of the webpage. Their idea of expanding the company to Europe and other major parts are also clearly cited. The simple and clear narration of his interests will give you a vivid idea about Mr. James Nicholls.
Finally, this site focuses on every neat aspects of the founder of RJA Ltd and gives uplift to the new aspirants. It also drives us to the inner nature of the business aspects of Mr. James Nicholls in an interesting manner.

Wholesome Presentation of James Nicholls:
This site is a wholesome presentation of the Spain entrepreneur James Nicholl's. This black and white site has the every aspect in explaining or presenting clearly about the well renowned founder of the famous Royston James Associates Ltd. This site opens with seven links on the top, side and bottom parts of the webpage with sitemap link, a usual one. The foremost link James Nicholls says about his business and personal life. It also holds the nature of this entrepreneur in the field of sports. This also cites about the ambition and way of living of this London born businessman.James Nicholl's website woes these details

Next to come is the mission statement link which gives us the clear idea of what Mr. James Nicholls has in his mind to improve the company. Current role also adds information to the previous link and gives us the idea about the current steps running in Mr. James Nicholls mind. Previous employment and qualification link make us to know how he was good in his education and best as a worker. It clearly states the things, which have molded him to become a famous and passionate individual.
Interest link is very interesting to view, which has a detailed essay on the interest of Mr. James. His interest on various sports like rugby, poker, and tennis shows how he is consistent in using his time apart from his business hours. The terminal link is all about his company and its ongoing projects and previous appraisals. As a whole this site comes as a clean presentation about Mr. James Nicholls and his organization Royston James Associates Limited.

Review Of Nicholls
Welcome to the site of James Nicholl's ,the director and founder of the famous Royston James Associates Ltd. When you visit the site at the first time you will have a feeling as of being in a silent and cute island. That much simple and cute the site is. The site holds all the key factors which feature in the development of Mr. James Nicholls in becoming an entrepreneur. It would even be useful for himself in thinking and having an eye on his past. This site is like reading the biography of Mr. James Nicholls. His website is
It has everything that you want to know about him. Even it has a line making us to know he visits the poker world series every time. The detail about his previous employment provided in the link named previous employment embodies us well on his skills. It is sure that you will get swayed by the eloquence of this site in giving you the details of Mr. James Nicholls. This site has every aspect in dragging even a normal person and making him the most time visitor.
The travelling spree of Mr. James Nicholls will make you think to accompany him every time he travels. If you are an interested person in psychology then the information in this site regarding his interest on psychology will put you in a keen interest in knowing about his future ideas regarding this.
Finally, this site holds plethora of information regarding the founder-director of RJA Ltd which sure will make you to think Mr. James Nicholls is not a normal person whom to see while you walk on roads.

October 16, 2008

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Sometimes I search for blogs in other countries or from people in other countries to see what they have to say. This morning I was having some trouble being able to sleep so I have been up for more than an hour on the internet getting more up-to-date on things. In any event, this morning I have had the opportunity to visit the epitome of invincibility and confidence. It has quite a number of categories of blog posts that are of interest in regards to all kind of Issues and thoughts. The posts Posted there give me immense pleasure to Read. I also Appreciate this webmaster for Getting his PR3. They can be found on the left hand, middle part of the blog. I did not care for the pop up ad that came up in which after some time it said I could skip it if I liked but after clicking skip it took me right back to the blog. I do not know if that is a feature of blogspot that cannot be avoided. I did enjoy reading the blog posts though. Other than the pop up ad feature I give it 5 stars.

October 04, 2008

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