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February 17, 2009

Back bone of United States

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We all know the present condition of all economies. Every nation is suffering from a big storm named recession. Even the so called supreme powers had no exception. United States said that, this recession was caused in their country because of skilled immigrants. Saying it in simple words, their employment got affected because of those who came from foreign countries like India, china, etc.

A recent survey reports that immigrants from India and likely countries are the founders of many engineering and technology firm, out of which they give employment to thousands and thousands every year.
A fact which makes me amaze is that nearly 25.3% of engineering and technology firm established since 1995 to 2005 are established by immigrants. A very sad note is that these immigrants are blamed for unemployment.

These firms have give more than $52 million in the year 2005 and it has also provided an employment to 4, 50,000 people. United states claim that these immigrants are the cause of this recession all over the world.

Excluding the Indian firms of 25.3% china contribute to a percentage of 6.9, United Kingdom 7.1%, Taiwan 5.8%. The report went on making me wonder struck with the following details.

Out of total skilled Indian immigrants;
46% have software firms and
44% have indulged them self in manufacturing units and related firms.

This report clearly points out how the growth of the United States has been in all these days. Skilled immigrants who invested their talent and skill are the only main reason for the betterment of the United States in my view.

It would be better for United States if they stop blaming other nations for their down fall and try to improve and improvise their skills in the work they do. It would be much wiser for all those immigrants to use their skills in their own nations.

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