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July 17, 2009


This article will surely increase your anger, frustration, what so ever its. However you need to bare it, as I did when I found this information. We all get calls from some unknown numbers asking for loans, are some insurance etc. do you know how these spammers get our numbers? I know it. This article is all about INFORMATION SALE.

All the personal information which you give to banks for opening an account, to get loans or information given by you to your mobile phone Company to get a mobile connection is available in public domains for a small price. If it’s available there then think who give it? Yeah that’s true, your bankers, your mobile companies’ give all your personal information’s to these spammers.

These spammers need not search spending all their time, it is advertised in a simple manner, “ 50,000 salaried and self employed database is available for sale with 100% accuracy for just Rs.2,500” you may think are our personal information only worth this much? Of course no but they are available that cheap.

I here would like to say one thing to you all, the message which you get from unknown numbers don’t just know your number alone, they know all information’s about you and that’s why you get sorts of messages from these spammers.
Hope by now you’re already in shock, here I come with a big bang for you all. I am sure this out of your guess and much out of your belief too. It’s nothing but even the service tax department has jumped into this business. One of the spammer said each number cost Re.1 for us, and we have more than 2000 numbers. All these people earn nearly Rs. 200,000 per month. These information’s are 100% true because this is given to us by service tax department.

Another spammer says we get information’s from banks mostly and customer care of mobile companies. Thus we contact those numbers speak with them and get our business done. There are software’s available at a cheap rate which can spend even 3000 SMS within minutes.

What is making pathetic is that we don’t need any type of license to run such a business. This shows how week we are in cyber laws (i.e. computer and internet based crimes). Be careful In choosing your bankers as well as mobile companies.