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July 30, 2009

HATHWAY's days ends in chennai

Bye Chennai- said HATHWAY. What for? I don’t know, if you please say me. However I have a few guess as why HATHWAY has quit one of the fast developing cities of India. HATHWAY one of the biggest cable network provider and internet service provider is no way a exception to our corrupted politics and politicians.

HATHWAY’s cable network was the first say good bye. In the month of July their cable connections were cut without any ado. Even their customers were not informed about this service cut. When enquired about the cable to the help line, their executives said “political reason”. Due to some political reasons they were not able to continue their service in Chennai. HATHWAY has got no reasons to lie as such.

It’s to be noted that HATWAY gave free set top box to all its customers. The free set top boxes were costing around 50 core rupees. Here I get a doubt. SCV and SUN direct being the two biggest cable operators in the TAMIL NADU, has a greater political influence which is a known fact.

Being the biggest cable operator and highly influenced group they might have wished their rival HATHWAY must not grow and thus they would built up some political pleasure and would have made HATHWAY to run off from the cite. Would this have happened?

However HATHWAY was neither allowed to carry its internet service providing. Their cables were cut down in all parts of the city and thus customers of HATHWAY were not able to use. Agitated customers who called the customer care and screamed were very softly answered to send the modems and to get their money back.

This time their executives have not given any reason, for this sudden termination of service. However my crocked brain has taught something.

HATHWAY’s internet cable being cut they have not filed any complaint with the police, said police sources. But why? Being one of the largest internet service provider why dint HATHWAY resort to the help of Chennai police?

Are there any chances for our rusted politicians to order our cops, not to take any complaint from HATHWAY? Mmmm I guess there are many chance for this to happen. These bloody politicians are never going to do anything good, its certain. But why do they poke their nose in the field of business? Money? Will it be for money?
What so ever its, we are the ultimate loss bearers.


July 24, 2009

Budget analysis

Now, we are in the financial year 09-10. The most awaited big economic happening has take place. Yeah, it is the budget, budget for the year 09-10. There are many reviews popping up for this budget. In this juncture, as an economy interested person, I taught of giving my views to my readers.

I echo the views of many people. I do say this budget is a total non sense. I will explain my points to you with the current economic happening itself.

1) As soon as the budget was announced the stock exchange fell. Do you know why? It was not given proper attention in budget. It seems F.M forgot stock exchange rates the countries financial strength and credit rating in some way are other.

2) The taxes on the price of luxuries were reduced. Do you think this is a good move? On the first instance it may seem so but not is my point. When you reduce taxes on luxuries even a lay man who cannot afford to buy it will push himself for it. He may adopt for loan are something which he will be repaying with interest. Means most of his salary is used for the luxury.

3) The daily use Dahl’s and other substance rates are highly increased. Dhal which was costing nearly Rs.50 has now come to Rs.70 plus. I feel even Rs.50 is high but now it’s Rs.70, which is too high. Here I would like to say you one thing guys, you know what, all eatables in Australia is very cheap so that every common may can consume it, every luxury is costly which can be consumed only if you push your self’s hard for it.

Another big point is that this is first time India has prepared a budget for Rs. 1020838 Crore of Rupees. I don’t understand one major thing, that’s having a huge sum of deficit what is this government going to do? Increase tax amount? In that case what is the cause in reducing tax rates now? Whom is this government trying to fool?

Government cannot print notes for the deficit because it will spoil the value of the currency of the nation. I have another few more questions
When the last budget was presented the deficit up to which a note can be printed was 2.5%, why it was suddenly raised to 6.5% this year?
I don’t know the answer for my questions but am sure, nothing is clear in this budget. I term this budget has unrealistic, ambiguous useless budget. This budget is only favoring high class people and it has no schemes of improvement for the lower middle class are middle class people.

July 17, 2009


This article will surely increase your anger, frustration, what so ever its. However you need to bare it, as I did when I found this information. We all get calls from some unknown numbers asking for loans, are some insurance etc. do you know how these spammers get our numbers? I know it. This article is all about INFORMATION SALE.

All the personal information which you give to banks for opening an account, to get loans or information given by you to your mobile phone Company to get a mobile connection is available in public domains for a small price. If it’s available there then think who give it? Yeah that’s true, your bankers, your mobile companies’ give all your personal information’s to these spammers.

These spammers need not search spending all their time, it is advertised in a simple manner, “ 50,000 salaried and self employed database is available for sale with 100% accuracy for just Rs.2,500” you may think are our personal information only worth this much? Of course no but they are available that cheap.

I here would like to say one thing to you all, the message which you get from unknown numbers don’t just know your number alone, they know all information’s about you and that’s why you get sorts of messages from these spammers.
Hope by now you’re already in shock, here I come with a big bang for you all. I am sure this out of your guess and much out of your belief too. It’s nothing but even the service tax department has jumped into this business. One of the spammer said each number cost Re.1 for us, and we have more than 2000 numbers. All these people earn nearly Rs. 200,000 per month. These information’s are 100% true because this is given to us by service tax department.

Another spammer says we get information’s from banks mostly and customer care of mobile companies. Thus we contact those numbers speak with them and get our business done. There are software’s available at a cheap rate which can spend even 3000 SMS within minutes.

What is making pathetic is that we don’t need any type of license to run such a business. This shows how week we are in cyber laws (i.e. computer and internet based crimes). Be careful In choosing your bankers as well as mobile companies.

July 10, 2009

Factoring an essential service

I never knew there is a service named factoring till last month. I am sure even most of the business people don’t know such a service exists in India. When I came to know about this service I wanted to know more about it and made some researches to know what it is, and at last I found out that factoring is a service, which Indian business people are unaware of, by which their profit margin declined to a negligible extent.

First of all let me explain you what is factoring. A agreement is entered between the producer of the goods and the factor, the agreement is that, the producer will produce goods and sell them to the seller and in return the factor will give 80% of the invoice value to the producer and will give the rest 20% of the invoice value after the supplier remits his 100% payment to the factor.

Explaining you with an example, assume A as a Producer, B Factor, and C Buyer. A produces goods and sends it to C, the goods worth 100,000. A and B will enter into an agreement. Agreement is that as soon as C sends the acceptance of the invoice and goods A will remit it to the B (I. e the factor), the factor in return will give A Rs. 80000. The balance 20000 will be given by the factor only after he receives 100,000 from C. Factor will charge a small amount as commission from the producer for his service rendered.

Advantages of Factoring
• No needs to borrow money from banks are any other financial institutions for the purpose of working capital.
• As there is no need of any loans the credit worthiness of the producer will increase and goodwill will have indirect effect of increase.
• The factor in a few days will tend to know the clients of the producer and so he may warn the producer about the credit worthiness of that client.
• A factor being professional he know how to get the money from the buyer in case if he does not return it in time
• As we assign the bills receivable department to the factor, our work burden is reduced.

Having all such advantages one may think why factoring has not gained popularity in India! Even I had the same doubt, but I dint stay with that doubt, my research continued to know the reasons behind why factoring has not gained a point in India.
Indian law does not support factoring service. In simple terms, there is no separate law to govern factoring services. In case of any problems legal action is nearly impossible. Those companies which take up factoring service are considered as non banking finance company (NBFC), so if there is a loss they cannot recover their money through Debt Recovery Tribunal OR Securitization Act, which again make people think twice to start factoring services in India and business persons to go for this service.

When Indian government can make laws for all useless shits, why can’t they make a law governing factoring service? Why is this area totally neglected by government of India? As in all cases a bill was drafted nearly 6 years ago to protect this frame work but it’s yet to pass the parliament.

Why can’t government such good bills soon and make them as laws? By making this factoring service as a legal one, which is don’t by giving factoring a legal frame work for its support surely the economy of the nation is going to improve. Ask me how?

If the business persons can get their working capital back in no time then they need not get loans and pay interest, means they will have money in hand. If this is the case the business in India will surely improve at a faster rate, because as the business men have money they may tend to invest and double it where by employment will be created and there will be a circulation of money.
Thus I prefer factoring as an essential service and this is the area to be enlightened by the Indian government. Let’s try to take the necessary steps possible.

July 03, 2009

college capitation and economy are inter related

This is one of the hot and happening topics in most of the places in India. Mainly this topic has a lot to do with a state named Tamil Nadu in India. Ok, don’t try too hard folks am here to tell it. It’s all about college capitation, in other words donation, in legal words illegal collection money from the students for their admission.

This topic has a greater economic importance. Yeah I understand, now you people must have started thinking why i always bringing in economics for everything? Will make it clear, finance is the life line of everything. Without money there is nothing in this world, and for every lay man money is an exhaustible resource. We people try to make choice with the money what we have in hand, and making choice is what is economics. So indirectly economics rules this world. Like it or not.

Coming back to the topic, why are these parents very much curious about their children’s education? I don’t mean to say that parents must not be curious, but why is that you people are spending as much as 20 lakh rupees for your son or daughters education. Most of the parents reply that mark they scored is not enough to join in a good engineering college. In that case why your making your child join in a good college?

You may say many reasons, am not concerned about all that, my point here is very different and again its economy related one. If a man can pay 20 lakhs for this son are daughter as donation, that too without getting bills form the institution then am sure the 20 lakhs paid by him is not a taxed money, in other terms black money.

Here I would like to clear one thing black money is not the money which is black in color, the money which is not taxed is otherwise called black money. Fine, if one parent is able to pay 20 lakh for their son’s admission, and then just imagine the amount of money which he has, also just imagine how many fathers are there these ways to make payments.

You know what; they are indirectly bringing the educational standard of the country to a lower level. This type of admissions leaves a simple mark on the students mind, pay money get anything what you need. This is not the way a student must grow. This is not a healthy sign for a growing nation.
On the other day two of my friends were speaking,
Friend1: my college is charging Rs. 16 lakhs for admission
Friend2: my college is charging Rs. 20 lakhs for management seats.
Is this way to impart education? Hell!!! In NETHERLANDS education is provided at free of cost, am not asking the government to give it at free of cost, at least it must try to curtail all this donations which decides the seat of students.

Government alone cannot handle this problem, students and parents must open their eyes to see their mistakes, and they must come out of the vicious circle of money makes everything. Money is very important I do agree but money is not everything.

If you people can stand united to say no capitation, then let’s see how colleges charge this capitation. You must also understand one thing all this money is yours, hard earned, don’t dump all them in the hands of money launderers.

All J.P.R institutions get money to admit students, this is an open secret, what did the government do for this? Nothing, they won’t do anything because he would have filled the pockets of government officials too..
How is all this happening? Because of parents like you!!! Wake up; don’t take the country to wrong path. Education must be made as a right, like right to speech. Never give your money to idiots like this. They will either provide your child a good education nor will pay tax and give government a good income to serve people. So, friends, let’s stop this from today. Let not make INDIA, as MONDIA. Let not money come in front and lead us. Let us lead the money. Don’t let papers rule.