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July 30, 2009

HATHWAY's days ends in chennai

Bye Chennai- said HATHWAY. What for? I don’t know, if you please say me. However I have a few guess as why HATHWAY has quit one of the fast developing cities of India. HATHWAY one of the biggest cable network provider and internet service provider is no way a exception to our corrupted politics and politicians.

HATHWAY’s cable network was the first say good bye. In the month of July their cable connections were cut without any ado. Even their customers were not informed about this service cut. When enquired about the cable to the help line, their executives said “political reason”. Due to some political reasons they were not able to continue their service in Chennai. HATHWAY has got no reasons to lie as such.

It’s to be noted that HATWAY gave free set top box to all its customers. The free set top boxes were costing around 50 core rupees. Here I get a doubt. SCV and SUN direct being the two biggest cable operators in the TAMIL NADU, has a greater political influence which is a known fact.

Being the biggest cable operator and highly influenced group they might have wished their rival HATHWAY must not grow and thus they would built up some political pleasure and would have made HATHWAY to run off from the cite. Would this have happened?

However HATHWAY was neither allowed to carry its internet service providing. Their cables were cut down in all parts of the city and thus customers of HATHWAY were not able to use. Agitated customers who called the customer care and screamed were very softly answered to send the modems and to get their money back.

This time their executives have not given any reason, for this sudden termination of service. However my crocked brain has taught something.

HATHWAY’s internet cable being cut they have not filed any complaint with the police, said police sources. But why? Being one of the largest internet service provider why dint HATHWAY resort to the help of Chennai police?

Are there any chances for our rusted politicians to order our cops, not to take any complaint from HATHWAY? Mmmm I guess there are many chance for this to happen. These bloody politicians are never going to do anything good, its certain. But why do they poke their nose in the field of business? Money? Will it be for money?
What so ever its, we are the ultimate loss bearers.