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June 13, 2009

E- Waste Growing as a Silent Killer

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This is one among the topics which I always wanted to share with my readers. We all are aware of the gadgets which we get every day from pin to ship, we all use those gadgets in optimum way. How many of us have disposed them in a the it should be done? Not even a hand few is my answer. Would you like say an opposite answer to this? I don’t think you will.

Technology is improving day by day. As it improves even the hazards are improving. The best place to buy electronics in India, in Chennai is Simpson’s kasturi building and Ritchie Street. Perhaps these are the best place to get all electronic goods at a cheep cost.

Why don’t we spend a few min’s in knowing what is happening around us? That to from the electronic items what we use!!! We all know how a computer works, but how many of us know how a computer is made?

A huge cathode ray tube (CRT) full of lead and electronic parts which are made from metals mainly like copper, gold etc are mixed with high toxic chemicals and are printed in circuit boards shortly termed (IC). When these computers are disposed they make heavy environmental pollution

Of course computers are not often disposed, we may say, but the argument a void one. We all know by the time we bill our electronic product, it becomes old. In such a case saying we don’t dispose our computers often won’t hold good. If not for computers at least for cell phones it holds good.

With the new innovation and inventions happening in the mobile world, we get a time where we run out of spares for our old mobile phones and we get a new one disposing the old. I have come across this a few times. Hope you also should have come across such a problem.

With the increasing technological advancement in communication sector especially, the tones of e waste being produced are increasing high in numbers steadily. What have we done to control this? How many of us are aware of these facts? Not even a hand full I suppose.

Some of the developed western countries coolly export their e waste. They often forget they are exporting harm to the society. There are evidences for some of the western countries exporting its e waste to china.

Civil society organization reports that there is threat for Chennai port too. The so called developing countries are trying to export their harm, their hazard to us by the name of e waste. If there is such an attempt then Indian government must surely stop this.

Those companies which sell their components are not ready to get back their own products when their obsolete. Might be this is not their job, but to help environment they must do it. Not all papers are waste. Same way not all companies are against environment. Nokia the leader of today’s mobile world has signed its first by back of its old hand sets in India.

Knowing to use the technology is a good attempt to improve knowledge, knowing how to dispose it in a proper way will be a good service for our nation. At least from now we shall try to dispose the waste in a proper way.


  1. Superb post man i completely agree with word by word, perhaps this the first time for sometime now, i have been thinking of this for a longtime but was clueless how to dispose them. So it would be nice write a post on how to dispose these e-wastes.

  2. hello venky, even am thinking on how to dispose this e waste, its really high time we find a way out for this problem. as u wish i wil give a post on how to dispose e waste in a effective manner.

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  5. hello mr. simon,
    thanks for the comment and thanks for supporting, ur comment says ur a regular reader i really appreciate it. thanks for being a regular reader.

    will surely,
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    i would kindly say u tat to forget wat mr.mangs has said, might be he is jealous seeing us growing.

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    mr.simon pl be reading posts are on its way. thank u


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