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August 23, 2009

Why India has not improved in the field of medicine?

Being one of the fast developing nation in the world, India is still behind in the medical practices. Am sure my statement needs no proof. We don’t have adequate medical facilities, some hospitals even lack doctors and basic medicines.

In this state now we are facing a problem from medicine field, and its named swine FLU, and technically named H1N1. Am not going to talk as from where swine FLU came and all stuff. I have certain questions and I have some answers too.

Medicine is our life saver, we all know that, In that case why dint government take steps to import all latest medical equipments? Are at least why it dint bother to give full import tax exceptions on such equipments made?

When government has funds to import air crafts from America, Russia and Israel why dint it buy medicines from these countries? Is medicine not given importance even as we give to our defence?

Lets come to today’s hot and happening topic, swine FLU. Let’s take the case of Chennai, we have only four hospitals to treat swine FLU and day by day the cases are reporting high in number. Till date we have lost 3 lives.

Is there any precautions that can stop us from getting affected from this Swine FLU? Yeah of course we have, what is it? swine FLU mask!!! Happy to hear it right? Sorry your happiness won’t stay long. The cost of this mask is Rs.60, but they are sold at Rs.150 that too without bill.

When enqiured about this to the medical shop owners, their reply was killing. Auto man charge you more, when you are in an emergency, Even a police bribe you when we over speed in cases of emergency, what is wrong is we charging more?
Auto man does not charge for taking pregnant women to hospitals. A police first makes way to a rushing ambulance, but you medical shop people even if it’s a emergency you people give the tablets slowly. You kill people.

A report says medical shop owners are indulged in increasing artificial demand for these products. Really shocking.

Its only the government its not only the medical shop people its also us who are responsible for this. We people spend a lot to buy what we wish, but we don’t think this will create a demand and will increase price in one way, where by people who have less spending power can’t afford to buy even if it’s a life saver.

We shall make sure that we don’t buy any product more than MRP (maximum retail price). So that artificial demand will be curtailed. Having all this unhealthy inhuman practices we can never even dream of becoming a super power.