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January 19, 2009

HLL goes beyond condom; HLL now is a life caring unit.

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The storm of great deep recession has not yet crossed the shore of companies, but there are a few companies which even withstood this strong storm. Hindustan latex limited has joined the crew by expanding its orgin.

Hindustan latex limited will soon be renamed as Hindustan life care ltd. HLL, has promised to provide life care solutions and not to restrict them self in the production of condom alone.

The state owned Hindustan latex limited has taken it has a chance to prove their ability producing medicines and providing life care. Hindustan life care ltd will be the highest vaccine manufacture of the country with a 100 core project.

The company has plans to build a medical park in tamil nadu chengalpet, where by it will turn out to be the countries biggest vaccine manufacture. The company has also decided to have a chain of hospital across the country.

By the year 2010-2011 the company has plans to become a 1000 core company from being a 250 core company. Sources also say that the medical park will be built in 500acre.

The medical park will be a integrated town ship for diagnostics, equipment, for disposable and devices and also knowledge and health care business outsourcing hub. This medical park is to be developed in 3 phases

The company is now vigorously appointing project consultants for the vaccine complex, which will make its grand great entry in vaccine sector. All this process is planned to be completed by the first quarter of 2011

The company has plans to set up small hospital across the country. The small hospitals will contain 20-25 beds. Those hospitals will provide all basic life care protection with child heath care and maternal health care service. The plan is open 30 such hospital across the nation and to have 140 hospital has franchise by 2012. These hospitals are set up mainly for low income group

HLL has already set up its first hospital in Hyderabad. The company has also appointed 11 consultants to give up Medicare in 11 medical college across the country. Apart from all this the company will also continue producing contraceptive, condoms and will also produce blood bags, pregnancy testing kit, malaria testing kit dengue testing kit and will also launch HIV testing kit.

This step will surly solve the problem of fear in the minds of people as most of the drugs will be available from one of the best manufacturer of the country. HLL must make sure that their drugs are available in all the parts of nation, without which hospitals and the medical aid provided will laterally be a waste of money

Being a producer of condom HLL was preventing life’s birth, Now HLL(Hindustan life care ltd) will care those life’s which were produced