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October 16, 2008

The epitome of invincibility & confidence...

Sometimes I search for blogs in other countries or from people in other countries to see what they have to say. This morning I was having some trouble being able to sleep so I have been up for more than an hour on the internet getting more up-to-date on things. In any event, this morning I have had the opportunity to visit the epitome of invincibility and confidence. It has quite a number of categories of blog posts that are of interest in regards to all kind of Issues and thoughts. The posts Posted there give me immense pleasure to Read. I also Appreciate this webmaster for Getting his PR3. They can be found on the left hand, middle part of the blog. I did not care for the pop up ad that came up in which after some time it said I could skip it if I liked but after clicking skip it took me right back to the blog. I do not know if that is a feature of blogspot that cannot be avoided. I did enjoy reading the blog posts though. Other than the pop up ad feature I give it 5 stars.

October 04, 2008

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