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June 05, 2009

child trafficking day!!!

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Hello readers, it’s been a long time since we exchanged our views through my blog. Hope it’s more than a month. I was bit busy all these days with my bloody exams. You know, the university where am put up at is the world’s worst one and the name of it is madras university. If you are interested in knowing more about it, see this blog,

This article is certainly not about my bloody university. This topic is not related to economy too. But it has got some economic importance. I don’t know how many of you people are aware of child trafficking. I am sure not many know about this and how big this offense is.

Before getting into the topic we shall first know what is child trafficking. Child trafficking can be simply said as recruiting, transporting, abusing children for sex are for some other cause which has some monetary value.

This problem of child trafficking is gaining some importance in India now a days, just because child trafficking has already invaded our country and working at a high velocity. We are coming across many cases in our country and one among them is, RANI a 17 yr old girl form VARANASI, who was sold to 40 yr old man for Rs. 10000, and her land was taken away, when walked into the police station, there she was sexually abused.

This is just one incident in the past, this is not the only one. A boy from ORISSA who was sold for RS. 15000. He had worked in Chennai for the past 2 yrs where he had not been paid are feed properly. This is a growing problem in our nation, is it not?

How to solve this? To solve this we need the cause. Behind every case of child trafficking we can hear a sad story, those stories will have one thing in common that is poverty, ignorance, and innocence, so this is the common case in child trafficking.

If a crime is done and if the person who committed the crime claims that, he did it because, he dint know the law it will not be accepted by the court, because it’s the duty of every person to know law. If it’s so, then is it not the duty of the court and the government to impart law? I feel it is!!! But we Indians neither know the laws, are the rule that mistakes cannot be overlooked as the man who committed the crime does not know the law. Very fatal is it not?

So only way to stop all this crime is impart law to the people. You may ask me, how you’re saying imparting law will stop criminals from committing the crime. Of course it won’t stop criminals, I will tell you with an example, let’s take the case of child trafficking, in this case if the parents had known that its wrong to sell children, are if they had known that it’s illegal to make minors work they would have not sent them to work either they would have not sold them.

Economic problem of this child trafficking are,

The owners pay children a much lesser wage, some even don’t play, thus the get cheap labor, in other terms labor exploitation, if this continuous then every businessman will try doing this, where only poverty will vest in the country after some years.

Thus it’s time to join our hand together to stop child trafficking. We shall mark this day as the day of child trafficking. We shall bring up and enforce new laws and impart those laws to everyone in the country. We shall stop child trafficking.


  1. nice blog folks. keep it.
    nice articles

  2. this is probably the most indian centric post ever written by you in this blog. Child traficking is a bitter truth we are facing I agree with you when you say that ignorance is not an excuse. I beg to disagree when you say that teaching law would stop them from doing crime, then what are criminal lawyers doing. As the saying theif will not change until the theif wishes to. Probably we should punish them more harshly.

  3. ya ur very correct. for ppl like criminal lawyers the punishment can be hard as u say. thanks for the comment yaar.

  4. that was really a good one.....keep it up guys and good luck!!!!let us all unite and abolish this bloody thing.......

  5. hey thanks for the comment
    thats really nice to see a prospective reader like u. pl cont ur support.
    thanks a lot.

  6. hey, after a long break, i think dis is a gud come bac...amazing views on CHILD sure dis vi b an eye opener o many!! keep going!! keep rockin!!


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