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November 25, 2008

Lending Rates Forced to Cut For Private Sector Banks

Reducing Lending Rates - Private Sector the Sufferer

Due to high competition in the Public Sector, the Lending rates of the private sectors will be reduced sooner. The Public Sector banks have reduced their Lending Rates by 75 Basis points. This has been altered by giving personal loans, Home loans etc. by the public sector Banks to the needy.

This has become an important measure for the Reserve Bank Who, should get recollected when they do a move in this Regard. Alike the Public Sector Banks the Private Sector Banks should also be shown some interest in reducing their Lending rates.

Mr. P. Chidambaram, Finance Minister has given an added opinion about this Situation as not to blame the Private sector banks. The Private sector Banks has its own reasons for this level of cutting the lending rates, but he did not comment on those regard.

The Fast improvement in the Public sector Banks by slashing the Lending rates to 75 basic points made the Private sector Banks to blame. The Changes made in this Public Sector Banks will have an adverse effect over the Private sector Banks, by bringing down the lending rates. He also assures that this revolution in the Public Sector Banks will happen sooner or later.

Being the Fastest Growing Economy, When we take a look at the top 20 Banks in India, all the top 20 Banks are only the Private Sector Banks and not the Public Sector Banks. By just reducing the lending rates does not fetch up a good output for the Banks. But by making the Private Sector Banks to reduce the lending Rates may result in the good output as they were already at the top 20 among the people's Minds in India.

Though the Recession made a drastic change in the U.S Economy, It does not made any change in our Country. Our Finance Minister Said "Our Banks are 100% Safe".

It is not just a saying by the Lips, he mean What he says. The flow of foreign capital into India has slowed down will eventually reverse and rupee will find its true level as India remains the most attractive investment destination among the world.

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