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February 26, 2009

American president OBAMA’s dreams

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I doubt whether American president has the habit of speaking while sleeping!!! Might be Mrs. OBAMA can answer it. Am sure friends after reading this article in full you will get the same doubt. However it’s my duty to appreciate his confidence that America will recover.

OBAMA has pledged to lead the nation from the disasters times to a bright future. He has been telling this since before he took the post of president, and till now nothing has changed including his speech. I don’t think all this pledging and other words won’t give change to the economy of United States of America.

Weight of the depression is not a parameter to determine the destiny of the nation claims the new American president. If so, I would request you sir, to say what will determine the nation’s destiny?

He went on adding jokes that, America will emerge stronger than it was before. I think
He forgot a point that American economy is always the weakest economy. If it had been strong depression would have not affected this much I feel.

OBAMA continued to prove that he is a good orator. He claimed Americans are not quitters. It’s their time to take charge to make a great future and on and on… he said the problem can be solved if the country comes together. I suppose money is needed here to solve the problem. That’s what all other world leaders are saying might be we all are wrong.

The new American president proved he is a good politician by blaming his predecessor. The old government failed to tap new energy sources. It would be better if this government dose something use full instead of blaming others.

He claimed that his $787 billion plan is the first step to solve this great depression. He also said if the plan is executed flawlessly it can create or save up to 3.5 million jobs. His words flawlessly makes me doubt weather will this be executed in a proper way.

On the whole I feel the American president Mr. BARACK OBAMA has unveiled his dream about his nation and nothing else. It will be really nice to see a dream come true. Especially when it’s a dream of the world it will a pleasure to watch it out.

Good orators can not do anything. OBAMA is a good orator.