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November 28, 2008

Terror terrors market.

Market may be affected

DALAL STREET, has a chance to go weak. Due to the terror attack in sub continent there is a chance for the stock market to get weak as the stock exchange is also set up in MUMBAI where attack had happened. This attack has a greater chance to shock the countries financial position, are the words given by experts.

The market may open in weak note but its not going to get closed on the same weak note. Even at the time of train bomb which killed more than 150 the marked didn't fall it was just a short of expected and it did not fall completely.

we must also note that the economic environment in 2006 is different from now. As this attack was aimed at foreign people, the market may have a sharp reaction. Both the place of trade was kept closed on Thursday as a notice said due to terror attack its better for people to say home.

psychological impact will surely be there on investors and the market may open on a weak note but its not going to remain the same. There are chances for the market to open in a dull way but there is no chance for the market to fall, there should be a positive impact on the market at least from Monday.

There is a chance for foreign investor to stop investment as of now, but surely this is not going to prevail more than a week we suppose. The impact of this attack will surely be seen clear by next week

Considering all the above conditions, i feel that there are very less chance for the stock market to get down, but there are chances for market to open in dull way. Which ever way it may be surely problems are on we must find the ways to solve them.